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Designing gardens for people is a business we love.

Since graduating Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Karen has been developing her award-winning practice for over 35 years, working on a variety of important projects including Bonfante Gardens, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and numerous high-profile residential landscapes. Karen continues her practice from beautiful Gilroy, California, and serves clients in and around the LA and Bay Areas.

Karen founded Aitken & Associates as a Landscape Architecture firm serving the unique needs of Northern California.  Our reputation is based, in part, upon listening and responding to our clients’ unique needs, and in creating delightful environments tailored to their wishes and desires.  We take pride in creating thoughtful, innovative and environmentally conscious landscapes, which will serve you for years to come.

A project we are very proud of is the Landscape Master plan and plant selection for the world-famous Bonfante Gardens Horticultural Theme Park located in Gilroy, California. We have been most gratified by the reaction from the public, especially from the children who use this park.

Satellite Image of Gilroy Gardens

Satellite Image of Gilroy Gardens

With a commitment to community service, Karen has long been active as a member of both the Gilroy Rotary Club and Gilroy Assistance League. Additionally, she has been a member of A.S.L.A., the American Society of Landscape Architects, for over 30 years.

Aitken Associates has been honored with the 2001 Best Small Business of the Year,  by the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce for success in business and commitment to community service.

Recently, the American Horticulture Society Garden School at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio honored Karen as their featured speaker and guest lecturer.

We are so proud of our work. If you are interested, take a look at our portfolio! Or if you want to move forward on your project now you can contact us as well.

Thank you.

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Opportunities At Karen Aitken & Associates

We love what we do. If reading about botany makes your pulse race, love the outdoors, and know the golden mean when you see it, you should think about joining us! Karen Aitken & Associates prides itself as a great place to work – provided doing great work with great people is your idea of fun. Please share your portfolio via e-mail if you would like to discuss a future that nurtures your passions.



The most important “award” is knowing your outdoor space is used, enjoyed and where you and your family play.

Of course, there are others too…


CLCA Sweepstakes Award for Large Residential Project

The Ulbrich Residence
Gilroy, California

California Landscape Contractor Association Award to Chris Houle Landscaping for installation and Karen Aitken for Landscape Architectural Design.


CLCA First Place Award for Small Commercial 
Bob Lynch Ford
Gilroy, California


CLCA Large Residential Achievement Award
Langeman Residence
San Jose, California

CLCA Medium Residential Achievement Award
Hanisch Second Residence
Gilroy, California


CLCA First Place Award for Medium Residential
Fathi Residence
Los Gatos, California


CLCA First Place Regional & State Award in Renovation

Bear Residence
Morgan Hill, California

CLCA Medium Residential Achievement Award 
Hanisch Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA Large Residential Achievement Award 
Hayden Residence
Morgan Hill, California


Best Small Business of the Year
Gilroy Chamber of Commerce
Gilroy, California

CLCA Custom Residential First Place Award
Bonfante Residence
Morgan Hill, California

CLCA First Place for Large Residential Award
Habing Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA First Regional Residential Achievement Award
Lynch Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA Best New California Residence 
Morley Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA Best in Monterey Bay 
Eaton Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA Award of Excellence
Meadow Ranch Park Commons
Aptos, California

CLCA Best in Monterey Bay
Connell Residence
Gilroy, California

CLCA Beautification in Gilroy Award
Bevilacqua Residence
Gilroy, California